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On 14 July 2015, the Supreme Court of B.C. handed down an unprecedented judgment J.P. v. British Columbia (Children and Family Development), 2015 BCSC 1216. This is the first case in Canadian legal history in which child protection workers are found liable for misfeasance in public office, breach of fiduciary duty and breach of the standard of care. Litigations between JP and the MCFD are summarized in JP Aftermath. Our commentary on the Plecas Review Part 1: Decision Time was published on 4 January 2016. On 31 August 2017, the Court of Appeal for B.C. set aside the orders in the civil proceeding against the Director/Province, set aside the finding that Mr. Strickland committed misfeasance in public office, that the Director and her delegates breached their fiduciary duty to the children, and that the Director and her delegates breached the standard of care in the decisions they made with respect to the children while they were in her care.
Our site contains vast amount of information on child protective services (CPS). Please hover your mouse over the navigation icons below to access the most frequently sought information by various categories of browsers.
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  1. MCFD Tactics
  2. MCFD Surveillance
  3. MCFD found liable for misfeasance
  4. Psychotherapy
  5. Flaws of CFCSA
  6. Absolute Power and Corruption
  7. Myths & Reality
  8. On-line Service Application
  1. MCFD found liable for misfeasance
  2. MCFD Tactics
  3. MCFD Surveillance
  4. MCFD & The First Nation
  5. Unreported Deaths of Albertan Foster Children
  6. Child Removal and Human Organ Harvesting
  7. Empirical and Statistical Data
  8. Child Removal Cases
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  1. MCFD found liable for misfeasance
  2. MCFD & The First Nation
  3. The Child Protection Industry
  4. Unreported Deaths of Albertan Foster Children
  5. Our Comment on "When Talk Trumped Service"
  6. "The problem with Children’s Aid Societies" by Barbara Kay for National Post
  7. Powerful As God (2011 documentary)
  8. CPS Quotas: How Child Protective Services is Incentivized To Take Children video
  9. Documentary on the Child Protection Industry
  10. "The Child Abuse Laws Which Could Destroy Your Reputation"
  11. 3-part WLKY Target 32 Investigates (Kentucky, U.S.A.):
    1. "CPS Makes Shocking Allegations at 2 Moms Part 1 of 3"
    2. "CPS Does About Face, Accuses Parents Of Abuse Part 2 of 3"
    3. "CPS Makes More Disturbing Allegations Against Parents Part 3 of 3"
  12. "Child Protective System WLKY Louisville Part 1"; and
    "Child Protective System WLKY Louisville Part 2"
  13. Documentary on the Ministry of Children and Family Development Part 1 and Part 2
  14. "The Negative Effects of Foster Care on Removed Children" (Wikipedia)
  15. "Mass CPS corruption Part 2"
  16. "Deconstructing America Part 1" "Deconstructing America Part 2"
  17. "Death of a foster child Dontel Jeffers, Dorchester, Massachusetts, U.S.A. (Part 1)" "(Part 2)" ABC News
  18. U.S. Republican Senator Nancy Schaefer spoke on "child protective service" (CPS) corruption video
  19. "Children's Aid Society workers should be reined in" National Post
  20. Wrongful Removal of Christina Harrison's Baby
  21. Jessica Laboy case
  22. Removal of the 13 Gates Children in Texas, U.S.A.
  23. "Married to the State: How government colonizes the family"
    by Professor Stephen Baskerville (September 2009)

Video Archives

Video footages from news, documentary and private recordings on state-sponsored "child protection" around the globe are arranged in chronological order of the production date (if known) or the archived date. All dates are in YYYYMMDD format. This archive is a research and educational resource to families under scrutiny, government, media and academia. Please click the blue video title to watch the video and the grey synopsis to view details and comments.

Video titles in pink background are considered a "must-watch" by us.

We invite our browsers to send video related to state-sponsored "child protection", both for and against, to us for consideration of posting on this page.

Furthermore, the following YouTube channels contain good "child protection" related video and news footages worldwide:

  1. "The Gua Sha Treatment (刮痧)"
    Synopsis: Released in 2001, a full length movie based on a true event of persecution of a Chinese family in the U.S.A. (archived on 16 May 2013 click for more information) ...

  2. 200202xx State Political Convention of California production "Professor Stephen Baskerville spoke on "Child Protective" Service (CPS)"
    Synopsis: CPS corruption, how parents, especially fathers, are persecuted in family courts, (archived on November 27, 2009, click for more information) ...

  3. 20060901 CTV News "Filthy foster home in Vancouver Island, British Columbia, Canada"
    Synopsis: dirty foster homes, best interests of children, MCFD cover up, (click for more information) ...

  4. 20061029 an Aginelo Productions "Inside Corruption"
    Synopsis: a short documentary that explores the fundamental flaws in America's Family Courts covering the Divorce and Child Support System (click for more information) ...

  5. 20061121 private video taken during supervised visit of three young girls in Port Hardy "Prelude to Children held against their will by MCFD part 1 of 2 Vancouver Island, British Columbia, Canada" "Prelude to Children held against their will by MCFD part 2 of 2 Vancouver Island, British Columbia, Canada"
    Synopsis: children told their views on their life after removal in supervised visit with their parents, (click for more information) ...

  6. 20070505 a Foster Care Alumni of America Productions "Psychiatry Drugs Foster Care Children - Ashley" Synopsis: experience of a girl in foster care for 8 years, sexual assault and drugged by psychiatric drugs when in care, her report of sexual assault was not believed, ... (archived on December 6, 2009, click for more information)

  7. 20070506 Dr. John Breeding production "Psychiatry Drugs Foster Care Children - Tristen "
    Synopsis: removed children are drugged just for the purpose of keeping them under control, adverse impacts on children, (click for more information) ...

  8. 20070603 slide show youTube video "The Stolen Generation" Synopsis: Australian aboriginals were removed by government, a chronological history of events, ...

  9. 20070629 private recording by parents posted in youTube "Three young girls held against their will by MCFD "
    Synopsis: wills of children not heard, supervised visit of removed children, "child protection" social workers tactics (click for more information) ...

  10. 20070713 self-made private recording posted in youTube "Child Protection: what a laugh "
    Synopsis: response of an oppressed father, lies, warning not to go public (click for more information) ...

  11. 20070716 CNN News footage "Stephen Baskerville Discusses Deadbeat Dad Pizza Box Issue"
    Synopsis: heated debate between Professor Stephen Baskerville and Cynthia Brown (Child Enforcement Worker in Ohio), how bureaucrat reacts when challenged, (archived on November 30, 2009, click for more information) ...

  12. 20070818 Family Preservation Rally 2007 "Dr. Shirley Moore (CA): Court Corruption, Part 1" "Dr. Shirley Moore (CA): Court Corruption, Part 2"
    Synopsis: family court and CPS corruption, generate child protection cases for money, no accountability in spending tax dollars, (click for more information) ...

  13. 20071014 private recording posted in youTube "Social Worker Jane Clark says MCFD is above the law "
    Synopsis: a grandmother spoke on the attitude of her social worker, lawlessness operations, (click for more information) ...

  14. 20071013 Colleen Deroache production "When the ministry comes knocking Part 1 " "Part 2 " "Part 3 "
    Synopsis: Colleen Deroache, a veteran advocate for families with children removed, spoke on what to do when MCFD knocks on your door, (click for more information) ...

  15. 20071218 a TV news recording from Virginia Beach, Virginia airing "the arrest of Sandra Venery (33-year old in 2007) for putting a video in My Space depicting her 2-year old child smoking a cigarette and speaking profane language"
    Synopsis: criminal offence for allowing children to smoke, arrested and child removed (archived on November 27, 2009, click for more information) ...

  16. 20071218 a slide show production on the adoption industry in the United Kingdom "Forced Adoption - UK selling children for money"
    Synopsis: child protection and adoption (archived on July 24, 2010, click for more information) ...

  17. 20071218 private recording by a father posted in youTube "Child Protection Reform"
    Synopsis: father alleged destruction of family using false and fabricated information, warned not to go public, (click for more information) ...

  18. 20080118 a Center for Judicial Excellence 2-part documentary production "Family Court Crisis - Our Children at Risk Part 1" "Family Court Crisis - Our Children at Risk Part 2"
    Synopsis: failure of family courts, money is the cause of corruption, "professional lies" from junk science used in custody hearings, (click for more information) ...

  19. 20080209 private video on youTube "CAS Corruption"
    Synopsis: a collection of video footage related to the "child protection" industry depicting corruption, abuse of authority, (click for more information) ...

  20. 20080510 CHCH News Live @ 5:30 news footage "Children's Aid Society Oversight"
    Synopsis: interviews with politician, law professor, foster parent on Children Aid Society abuse of authority, (click for more information) ...

  21. 20080708 CBC News footage "Irene Favel: Witness to murder at Indian Residential School"
    Synopsis: eye witness of murder in residential school, (click for more information) ...

  22. 20080710 CBS 42 Investigates news footage "Child Protective Service (CPS) Invading Homes, Removing Children Arbitrarily, Registering Innocent Parents in the State Central Child Abuser Registry"
    Synopsis: experience of the Gates family when 13 of their children were removed after school blew the whistle, (click for more information) ...

  23. 20080727 home made video footage posted in youTube "Money for Children?"
    Synopsis: analysis of where tax money goes in the U.S. "child protection" industry, (click for more information) ...

  24. 20080815 video recording of Family Preservation Festival in 2008 "Stephen Baskerville spoke on state interventions on families"
    Synopsis: state intervention on families, child removal on various pretexts, fragile parental rights, (archived on September 15, 2010, click for more information) ...

  25. 20081007 Court Watch video footage from youTube "Native Canadian speaks of CAS abuse"
    Synopsis: A Native Indian from Northern Ontario describes how he was abused while in care of the Children's Aid Society (CAS) (archived on April 7, 2010, click for more information) ...

  26. 20081027 home-made video footage from youTube "Child Protection Worker"
    Synopsis: what happens after families are scrutinized and "child protection" social workers intervene, (click for more information) ...

  27. 20081227 news footage from Fox 26 Investigates (my Fox, Houston, Texas) "CPS wrongful removal of Baby" This footage contains graphic images that some viewers may find disturbing. Viewer's discretion is advised.
    Synopsis: infant "in care" with pus from her genital, parents with marijuana history, family member maliciously called CPS, supervised visit, social workers not held accountable, (click for more information) ...

  28. 20090206 a Charter Lau production "Interview with Zabeth Bayne and Colleen Deroache"
    Synopsis: how state intervention harms families and children, a high profile victim spoke, (click for more information) ...

  29. 20090327 CBN news footage "German socialists, liberals and psychiatrists persecute and incarcerate homeschoolers"
    Synopsis: a 15-year old girl removed in Erlangen, Germany because her parents home schooled her, she was sent to a psychiatric hospital because of her devotion and obedience to her father who is a Christian, ... (click for more information) ...

  30. 20090502 a CBC documentary of government propaganda film "Canadian Residential School Propaganda Video 1955"
    Synopsis: a Canadian government propaganda film made in 1955 to indoctrinate people how good residential schools are ... (archived on April 7, 2010, click for more information) ...

  31. 20090518 a private video recording "Two children testify about Children's Aid Society (CAS) school interviews"
    Synopsis: how schools become hunting ground for "child protection" social workers, they trick young children to say what they want to hear, create embarrassment and mental harm to children, (archived on December 6, 2009, click for more information) ...

  32. 200908xx a Colleen Deroache production "Child services apprehends Police Officer's son Part 1 " "Part 2 " "Part 3 "
    Synopsis: Colleen Deroache interviewed a police officer who experienced receiving the "service" of "child protection" social workers, comparison of criminal and "child protection" investigations, (archived on November 30, 2009, click for more information) ...

  33. 20091005 Rally 4 Accountability production "Robert McQuaid of Dufferin VOCA"
    Synopsis: CAS sued those who speak against it for defamation, harsher treatment on parents who seek help from advocacy group, journalist followed by police after airing CAS related story, (click for more information) ...

  34. 20091005 Rally 4 Accountability production "Andrew Skinner of Fighting 4 Families"
    Synopsis: true beneficiaries in the industry, mental health industry involvement, drugging removed children to keep them under control with no other medical benefit, (click for more information) ...

  35. 20091030 Austin (Texas) News "Child Protective Services worker admits sexually assaulting child"
    Synopsis: "Child protection" social worker admitted sexual assault on removed children (click for more information) ...

  36. 20091227 a private youTube production ""child protection" depicted in the animal world"
    Synopsis: "child protection" depicted in the animal world, predators use team work and divide and conquer strategy to capture defenseless youngster, an analogy of tactics used by service providers in the "child protection" industry (click for more information) ...

  37. 20100414 WXYZ-TV Channel 7 (Southfield, Michigan) News footage titled "CPS Makes More Disturbing Allegations Against Parents" (Part 3 of 3 TV news investigative series on CPS)
    Synopsis: continuation of the case of 4-year-old Landon Weber, ... (archived on October 14, 2010, click for more information)


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