"Child protection" problem in
Kentucky: secrecy in closed court

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Arbitrary Removal of the 13
Gates Children in Texas, U.S.A.

Our Purposes

  • To provide compassionate support to parents with children unjustly removed or are under unfair scrutiny or over investigation of the Ministry of Child and Family Development (MCFD);

  • To preserve families during MCFD intervention by having children safely returned to their rightful custodial parents/caregivers according to their wishes, safety and the best interests of children at the earliest possible time;

  • To ensure that:
  1. the least intrusive, cost-efficient and productive measure is used;
  2. social workers do not act outside their authority;
  3. social workers are genuinely working for the best interests of children and families when carrying out their duties; and
  4. treating children and parents with fairness, honesty and respect;
  • To prevent or minimize child protection worker's abuse of statutory authority and public resources and render them more accountable to their actions;

  • To keep Canadians well informed of the impacts of the child protection industry.

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