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Our Policy

PAPA People Assisting Parents Association provides free charitable services to support parents with child(ren) unjustly removed or are under unfair scrutiny or over investigation of the Ministry of Children and Family Development (MCFD). Please be advised that:

  1. Any person who approaches us will NOT be required to donate any money or to join our membership as conditions to receive services. Our advocates are all volunteers. They do not charge and cannot charge any person who approaches us for services.
  2. We will NOT advocate return of children if there are valid reason(s) to believe that children will be unsafe in the custody of their parents.
  3. Our service area is essentially British Columbia (BC). Although many tactics used by child protection workers are more or less the same, jurisdictions outside BC have different laws governing state-sponsored child removal. We welcome non-BC inquiries and sharing of experience. But we are unable to provide in-person services to parents outside BC.

It is important that you read this page in full before applying. Let's begin with some self help tips.

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What We Cannot Do

  1. give legal advice;
  2. provide counseling service;
  3. represent you in legal proceedings;
  4. assist you in any way against the law in Canada;
  5. provide an opinion that you could use in court;
  6. help you to locate the foster home where your children are held;
  7. give character reference.

What We Can Do

  1. provide emotional and peer support;
  2. arrange meetings or connections with other parents who have received services from the MCFD to share experience and to exchange opinions;
  3. direct you to get information which may be of interest to you;
  4. appear in court and meetings with politicians, Ombudsman to show support as an observer;
  5. refer you to other support groups;
  6. assist you to go public.

[This page was added on 10 July 2010, last revised on 24 February 2015.]