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MCFD Surveillance

This photo, taken in June 2008, is one of MCFD's offices in Victoria. The label on the front door bears the provincial slogan "British Columbia The Best Place on Earth". British Columbia is a blessed land with fine people, bountiful natural resources and beautiful scenery. However, the "child protection" activities tarnish the highest quality of the province. We are far from being the best place of Earth.

It is noteworthy to mention that most MCFD offices are highly secured. Public access is severely restricted. If the Ministry is truly protecting children, helping and developing families in need, the security risk should be low as parents and children would love to receive its services. The exceptionally high security measures of MCFD offices reflect the Ministry's popularity among the people it serves.

Welcome to MCFD’s amateur world of espionage. Like many MCFD tactics used against parents, it is hard to believe that some of those scrutinized by MCFD are under a near 24-hour government surveillance in 21st century Canada. If you have no prior experience with MCFD, you may find this unbelievable. Do heed our advice that MCFD does send their agents to conduct surveillance on you and your family, especially when you are under a supervision order with a restrictive contact term or when MCFD has a weak case. This is happening daily in the “best place on earth to live.” We emphasize that information in our web site is not fictional. Information therein is derived from the real experience of oppressed parents. The purpose of adding this section in our web site is to raise public knowledge on what oppressed parents will face and to give early warning to parents to minimize the damage of MCFD’s activities on their families and children.

Surveillance is the monitoring of activities of an object. It is an old scheme used extensively in different areas since the beginning of civilization. Sun Tze covered the use of spies in the last chapter of his famous treatise “The Art of War”. The main objective is to obtain vital information via covert operations to make decisions in defeating an enemy. Government has the most powerful surveillance systems, because they are enabled under the law. Of course, government sometimes conducts illegal surveillance. Most victims of such activities are either unaware of the illegality or do not have the resources to fight government in court.

MCFD mounted surveillance is either covert (without the knowledge of the target) or overt (easily observable activities for the purpose of delivering the message "we are watching over you") in nature. Generally speaking, some oppressed parents under MCFD surveillance are spouses still on good terms and are working together to protect their children from being removed. Of course, MCFD conducts surveillance on estranged spouse as well. Typically, usual MCFD tactic is to separate parents using supervision order, put them under heavy surveillance hoping to catch a breach of unauthorized contact to justify further actions. Be mindful that no provision in CFCSA explicitly allows such act. This is made possible by way of a court sanctioned supervision order and a huge MCFD budget that attracts the attention of some special interest groups.

Many parents are soft targets. They are not involved in clandestine activity and have no reason to suspect surveillance coverage. They have no training in countermeasure and lacks the financial resources to buy counter surveillance equipment. Unlike players in the espionage community, most MCFD surveillance members are amateurs. They are not difficult to detect if parents are vigilant.

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1. MCFD’s Advantages

2. Common Surveillance and Countermeasures


Despite that MCFD surveillance agents are not professional, they are effective to the extent of providing what “child protection” social workers need. They create substantial disturbance in civilian life, destroy parent’s peaceful living environment, and put families in constant fear and worry. Most supervision orders contain a term that allow MCFD to entry your residence at will without notice. They do come in at inconvenient hours. This makes their surveillance incredibly easy. Do not bother calling the police or filing a complaint to their superior or court for the intrusion. Police will not arrest MCFD agents for stalking you or your children or disturbing your privacy. They will probably assist them in whatever way they can as obliged by CFCSA and their team spirit.

Recent statistics released by MCFD confirm that expenses incurred in this so-called “after hour support service” constituents over 44% of total child removal costs since 2003. This suggests that “child protection” social workers use surveillance extensively. Like other child removal activities, surveillance is another job creation scheme designed to benefit special interest groups under the pretext of “child protection”.

Popular Culture and References

The 1998 movie “Enemy of the State” (written by David Marconi, produced by Jerry Bruckheimer, directed by Tony Scott, starring Will Smith, Gene Hackman, Jon Voight, Lisa Bonet and Regina King) is a spy film about a group of rogue National Security agents who murder a Congressman, and then try to cover up the murder by destroying evidence and intimidating witnesses.

Although MCFD’s surveillance capability is nowhere close to what you will see in this movie, this movie contains some informative counter surveillance measures and how abuse of authority can seriously disturb civilian life.

Furthermore, the following books and web site are good reference to those who are interested in the surveillance business:

  • “Secrets of Surveillance: A Professional's Guide to Tailing Subjects by Vehicle, Foot, Airplane and Public Transportation” published by Paladin Press (1993) ISBN 139780873647229
  • “Surveillance Countermeasures: A Serious Guide to Detecting, Evading, and Eluding Threats to Personal Privacy” published by Paladin Press (2005) ISBN 0873647637
  • "How to Conduct a Surveillance" from howtoinvestigate.com

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