Andrew Skinner of Fighting 4 Families
spoke in the rally against CAS
corruption on October 5th, 2009
at the Ontario legislative building

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Structural Corruption in the "Child Protection" Industry

At the onset, we wish to emphasize that not all service providers in the child protection industry are corrupt. We respect that some of them are honestly doing their job and may have helped some children and families in need. However, the presence of these non-corrupted members is insufficient to rectify the corruption. We do not intend to cast insult, promote hatred or create bias against any group, government or individual. We reiterate our objective of making ameliorative changes that better protect children and build a safer future for families. We hope to provide an overview for education purpose based on facts, published data, empirical evidence, credible testimonies and logical analysis.

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Are children really protected in such a corrupted bureaucracy overwhelmed by self-serving service providers in the "child protection" industry? At the expense of a huge financial cost, exploitation of families in need and at times destruction of families unfairly caught in the system, some may. Can the problem be solved by imposing vigilant restraints and reforming the existing system? Given the lopsided law and the unfair precedents established over time, no. The corruption is irreparable. The National Post article on June 12, 2009 titled ""Children's Aid Society workers should be reined in, critics say" and the speech of ex senator Nancy Schaefer in World Congress on Families V in Amsterdam, the Netherlands, on August 11, 2009 contain many valid points and real life examples to support the foregoing.

Child protection does not equal child removal. Radical and extreme as it sounds, a responsible government should not rely on child removal authority to protect children. Child safety and the rights of family are not mutually exclusive. Should it become necessary, there is due process that gives authorities power to separate abusive parents from their vulnerable children. Parent rights can be asserted and protected without compromising the safety of children. CFCSA is redundant, counter productive and costly. It sets a standard that the current bureaucracy fails to meet. There are better solutions to protect children and their families. If politicians are interested to find a solution that will free them from the nightmare of being blamed for having children abused, injured or killed while in "care", please talk to us. We believe that there are all-win solutions that many "child protection" social workers will find acceptable. We may not be able to offer an ideal model. But we are confident that we can suggest a better model.


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