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Self Help

Parents under scrutiny of child protection workers face tremendous pressure and distress. They endure unspeakable horror under the threat of child removal. Motivated by job security and financial interests, service providers unleash their formidable statutory power to launch coordinated attack on unsuspecting parents and engage them in endless legal battles. Few parents could find timely and effective help from a society that knows little on the true nature of the child protection industry.

Let's begin with some self help tips.

Carlos Morales (an alleged former CPS investigator) exposed the nature of the child protection industry in the U.S.

Some Self Help Tips

When families are scrutinized by child protection workers (aka social workers) who have the absolute power to remove children, it is a very fearful experience. Most parents feel helpless, scared, depressed and angry in this lopsided system. It is important to get your mindset straight at the onset. You are dealing with a special type of law enforcer whose job security and livelihood depend on state-sponsored child removal. For all intensive purposes, they are police masqueraded as welfare workers. Mr. Carlos Morales concisely summarized what parents need to know in the video on the right. He explained the incentives that the State gives to tear families apart, some common ruses child protection workers use and what to do if the come after you. Although he discussed the racket in an American setting, most of his points apply in British Columbia and other child protection services (CPS) infested jurisdictions.

The following sources catered to different jurisdictions also contain valuable information to those who are being persecuted by CPS:

  1. Parent's Guide to the System (U.S.)
  2. Insanemedia (U.S.)
  3. MCFD Tactics (B.C.)
  4. MCFD Surveillance (B.C.)
  1. MCFD and the Psychotherapy Industry
  2. PAPA Parent Support (B.C.)
  3. MCFD Dirty Tricks (B.C.)
  4. How to get help if someone reports you to the ministry (B.C.)
self help

Service providers in the child protection industry have tremendous power over parents with children under age 19 in British Columbia. They are fully capable to create unspeakable horror to parents and unthinkable atrocities to children. If you have never been investigated by them before, you may find our position radical. Child protection workers may appear nice, helpful, harmless and non-confrontational. But never lose sight of the fact that they have their agenda. Despite their allegation that child removal is the last resort, they often apprehend children without valid reason or prolong their involvement unnecessarily to secure their jobs. Most oppressed parents call them wolves in sheeps skin.

Former CPS Investigator Carlos Morales shared his views of what to do when scrutinized by CPS

That said, threat them politely. Take detail notes and keep a journal of what has transpired. Video record (covertly if necessary) all meetings, interviews, phone conversations and interrogations. Bring along some trustworthy friends and family members when you deal with these god-like creatures. Give them a big smile and shake their hands if you can stand such disgrace. There is nothing a child protection worker likes more than when parents show anger (such as cursing and swearing), depression or violence. Such behaviors will be used against parents in court to support child removal. Never utter a death threat. They will hit a jackpot if parents threaten to kill them. We guarantee you that they will lobby the police to act and the Crown to lay charge. The police will soon be knocking at your door. You will be fighting a two-front war. Death threat criminal charge will be used to lend support of removing your children.

Take heed of our advice. Do NOT take CPS's involvement lightly. Do NOT underestimate their power at the tactical level and do NOT overestimate their morality. Watch out for surveillance to catch a breach of supervision orders. They are like a roaring lion ruthlessly looking for someone to devour. Stay calm and do not collapse. Stay focus in protecting your children. Despite how powerless parents are, they are the only party who will protect the real best interests of their children. You are not alone. Hundreds of thousands families have fallen prey to the child protection industry in the last century. The abuse you have suffered is not an isolated incident. As long as state sponsored child removal exists, your pain is what every Canadian parents must potentially bear. Take this challenge as a learning opportunity to see the real face of a free and democratic nation. An elected assembly could trample a man's right as much as a tyranny.

[This section was added on 22 February 2015, last revised 16 August 2016.]

How to organize your case

If you are planning to go public, seeking legal advice or preparing your defence, you must first compile your case particulars. The following guidelines may assist you to get organized.

  1. Date of removal
  2. Reason for removal (eg. unexplainable physical injury, physical/sexual/mental abuse, neglect, drugs/alcohol)
  3. Placement and location (foster home, relatives, friends, community if known)
  4. Date of Hearing
  5. Was disclosure provided to you complete (all intake reports, few blacked-out sections, risk assessment, other)?
  6. Was a comprehensive risk assessment provided?
  7. Date of Case Conference, if any?
  8. Dates of intake reports and details?
  9. Any offer of mediation by MCFD?
  10. Medical and mental (psychological) conditions of yourself and children
  11. Source of complaint if known (anonymous, daycare, school, church, babysitter etc.)
  12. Location of removal (school, home, church, daycare, hospital)
  13. Is police involved or not (eg. any on-going criminal investigation, criminal charges laid)?
  14. CPS experience
  15. What the Ministry is seeking (3/6-month extension, CCO, Supervision order)?
  16. Did Ministry offer any services before removal (parenting course, anger control management, etc.)?
  17. Has Ministry offered services since the removal?
  18. Has Ministry asked you to participate in a Parental Capacity Assessment?
  19. Has Ministry put your child through abuse examination (ie. HEAL Clinic in Surrey or other location)?
  20. Has Ministry indicated they wish to have a psychologist examine your child?
  21. Region and office location (ie. Vancouver Coastal, Fraser, Interior, North, Vancouver Island) having jurisdiction of your file
  22. Name of MCFD lawyer and primary social worker and their team leader, and community service manager
  23. Are you represented by a lawyer (legal aid or not)?
  24. Are you using an advocate to accompany you in court and in MCFD meetings?
  25. Communications with MCFD (cordial, non-existent, animosity, email, phone, in person, etc.)
  26. What does MCFD want from you in order to return your child(ren)?
  27. Visitation arrangements (supervised at home, at facility, number of hours, visits per week)
  28. Is MCFD requiring you to take time off work in order to make these visits?
  29. Are you receiving copies of the supervision reports (if not, ask for them)?
  30. Voice contact allowed (yes, no, constrained, webcam, monitored by foster parent)
  31. Is community support available (ie. church, ethnic association etc.)?
  32. Do you have relatives that can take child instead of foster care?
  33. Do Family Relations Act custody issues exist with another parent, or relative?

List of support that could help

  1. emotional and peer support;
  2. meetings or connections with other parents who have received services from the MCFD to share experience and to exchange opinions;
  3. understand the tactics, structure and the motivating factors of the child protection industry;
  4. get involved in support groups;
  5. go public.

[This page was added on 16 August 2016, last revised 2 October 2017.]