Child protection social workers
alleged that they are above law ...

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Browser's Responses

Permission to post the articles or comments on this page has been obtained either directly from the authors or via browser's submission per our On-Line Privacy Policy. We avoid postings seeking redress of individual cases and comments complimenting us except when these comments support achieving our goals below:

  1. share views from our browsers that serve to unveil the true nature of the child protection industry;
  2. provide opportunities to exchange different opinions;
  3. to raise public awareness;
  4. to furnish decisive information and knowledge on the child protection industry.

Responses are arranged in chronological order. Please click the blue titles below to view these responses.

  1. "Enough is Not Enough" by Lawrence Wong (26 March 2009)

  2. e-mail from Duncan: negative feedback is welcome too (22 March 2010)

  3. e-mail from a concerned advocate who believed that information in our site is unreliable (26 Feb 2012)


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