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PAPA Membership Renewal Application

If your PAPA membership is going to expire or had expired no longer than 3 months ago, you may use this form to renew your membership. For new applications, please use our New Membership Application form.

Our cause is ameliorative and righteous, but is also difficult and dangerous. Your association with us may render you less likely to get a job or contract with all levels of government (and possibly potential employers who rely on government for business), or in the worst case, lose the custody of your children under the age of 19 if they live in Canada. People do not understand the true nature of the "child protection" industry may perceive you as extreme, unorthodox, radical and seditious. Furthermore, membership fees paid are not tax deductible. We do not expect the Canada Revenue Agency will change its position of not granting us the charitable status as a co-ordinated effort to prevent us from assisting victims in the state-sponsored "child protection" industry.

Data transmitted in this unsecured page are not encrypted and can be intercepted, hence exposing you to the risk of identify theft and other illegal or malicious activities. You are cautioned that you submit your information at your own risk. Confidentiality of your personal information is guaranteed. We will not share your information with any party without your prior consent.

If you find the aforesaid risks acceptable and want to renew your membership, please complete this renewal application form. All fields are required. Any false, inaccurate or misleading information submitted will disqualify your membership. Upon approval of your application, we will notify you how to pay your membership fee. Please contact us if you have any questions.

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By pressing the "Submit Application" button above, you hereby certify that information provided herein is true and complete. You agree that your membership, if approved, may be terminated at the discretion of PAPA at any time without refund of your membership fee.



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