CHEK News aired the death of
6-month old Richard Williams
in foster home

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Infant Richard Williams Died in Foster Home, Port Alberni, B.C. aired on September 10, 2010

(Please click the title above to view the original news article in The Province on September 10, 2010.)

Harriet Nahanee
Harriet Nahanee in 1995

Nothing is new under the sun. Richard Williams is one of the victims died in government-run foster home. The infant was found unresponsive by a caregiver on September 8, 2010 and taken to the West Coast General Hospital. Medical staff were unable to revive the child. Richard Williams was pronounced dead.

Supported by an autopsy conducted on September 11, 2010, the police promptly concluded that foul play is not suspected in the death of the infant in "care". The exact cause of death is still unknown.

Since few details of this case has been released, we focus our discussion on Native child removal in Canada.

Native Indian (or First Nation) families have always been the largest victim of state-sponsored child removal. According to Canadian Genocide, forced abortions were performed on Native students made pregnant by Alberni residential school staff in the West Coast General Hospital (the hospital where the infant Richard Williams was pronounced dead). Dead bodies were buried under false death certificates.

The web site of Hidden from History: The Canadian Holocaust provides locations of mass graves at former Indian residential schools and hospitals across Canada.

In Port Alberni (British Columbia, Canada), there is a suggestion that the Presbyterian United Church school (1895-1973), now occupied by the Nuu-Chah-Nulth Tribal Council (NTC) office, on Kitskuksis Road is the site of a mass grave. The graves are a series of sinkhole rows in hills 100 metres due west of the NTC building, in thick foliage, past an unused water pipeline. Children also interred at Tseshaht reserve cemetery, and in wooded gully east of Catholic cemetery on River Road .

Port Alberni Catholic cemetery

It is believed Native children were buried secretly in the Catholic cemetery west of Port Alberni (across from the Alberni residential school).

Harriet Nahanee is an eyewitness to the murder of Maisie Shaw on December 24, 1946 at the Alberni and Ahousat United Church Schools. The photo above was taken in 1995.

Founded in the 1840s, the Canadian Indian residential school system was intended to force the assimilation of the Aboriginal peoples in Canada into European-Canadian society. Native children were forcibly removed from their parents when they reached the age of 7 and placed in government-run residential schools. White Calf Collegiate, the last residential school, was closed in 1996.

A settlement offered to former residential school students came into effect on September 19, 2007. On June 11, 2008, Prime Minister Stephen Harper apologized, on behalf of the sitting Cabinet, for the past government policies of assimilation. The Prime Minister also apologized for the creation of the system itself.

This case suggests the following:

  1. Over half of the 9,500 children in government "care" are from First Nation families, which constitute 4% of the population in British Columbia. According to the aforesaid demographic figures provided by The Province, First Nation families attract the attention of MCFD 24 times higher than non-Native families on a per capita basis.
  2. Richard Williams is not the first child died in foster home and will not be the last.
  3. It is likely that a lawsuit of wrongful death will be filed against MCFD, or more precisely against all taxpayers in B.C. State-sponsored child removal is exposing all British Columbians to contingent liability.
  4. Problems associated with state-sponsored child removal cannot be solved until child removal authority is revoked.
  5. The most shocking observation from the news video clip above is that the victimized families defended and backed the foster home in which their child died. It appears that these oppressed people fail to see the root problem is the authority to remove children from their parents. They are used to the abuse of having their children removed. It has become an acceptable norm that they no longer question the moral propriety of such infamous and inhumane act.

[This page was added on added on 11 September 2010, last revised on 13 September 2010.]