Global TV aired the tasering
of a teenage mother in Vancouver

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Misha Peterson

Misha Peterson, September 22, 2008, Vancouver, B.C., Canada

Misha Peterson was tasered by the city police
when "child protection" worker gave the order
to remove her one-month-old son Taige.

Misha Peterson, a 16-year old teenage mother, was tasered twice by 3 or 4 cops as she clutched her one-month-old son, Taige when "child protection" social worker removed him from her alleging her 17-year-old boyfriend, Scott Michell, broke a supervision order. Taige was born with a series of life-threatening medical conditions. Constable Jana McGuinness said officers had no choice but to Taser "the extremely distraught mother to rescue her critically ill infant."

Under the Criminal Code, officers can only use force if it will prevent themselves or someone else from being grievously harmed. Taige and Peterson, who is five feet one and about 110 pounds, were taken by ambulance to B.C. Children's Hospital. She was held for observation under the Mental Health Act for two days. Taige has been in foster care since the incident. Peterson hopes she will be able to stay with him in foster care and "earn him back." Only supervised access is allowed after the removal.


20080926 Vancouver cops use Taser on teen mom holding 1-month-old baby (The Province)

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