Anti CPS Crusader Nancy Schaefer Murdered

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Our Tribute to Nancy Schaefer

We have not heard of Nancy Schaefer until we found some of her video footages in youTube in late 2009. We have no association with her and the political party or non-profit organizations that she had involved in. We are surprised to discover that a prominent politician like Mrs. Schaefer shared our views on this politically sensitive issue almost at every angle. Apparently, we arrived at the same conclusions after independently observing and analyzing the empirical impacts of state-sponsored "child protection" on families and children.

Her tireless effort seeking reform in "child protection service" (CPS) is commendable. Her views, however seemingly radical, accurately identified the causes of corruption in the "child protection" industry. She adamantly advocated that federal fundings that create incentive to remove children must be stopped. On November 16, 2007, she published her report titled "The Corrupt Business Of Child Protective Services" that precisely depicts reality in the "child protection" industry.

Before seeking re-election for state Senate in 2008, she considered a challenge to Paul Broun for his 10th District congressional seat. One source alleged that she wanted to enter federal politics to stop federal funding of state-sponsored child removal. She eventually chose to run for re-election, but lost in the Republican nomination primary to the final winner Jim Butterworth. The Republican still won this riding. She was disposed by the Party, not the people of Georgia. She later confirmed in a conference speech that her persistence in changing "child protection" law cost her the Senate seat.

While she was a senator, she proposed bill to restrict the power of "child protection" social workers. Of course, her bill did not pass as special interests have strong influence on government. She continued to speak openly against corruption in the "child protection" industry and advocating for parents with children unjustly removed. She remained active in her cause until her sudden death in 2010.

She and her husband Bruce were found dead in their Habersham county home on Friday, 26 March 2010. Mr. Schaefer had a handgun near his body and a suicide note. The Georgia Bureau of Investigation classified the case as a “murder suicide”. There are suspicions on the real cause of her death. Conspiracy theories characterize that this is a murder made to look like suicide. Some members from special interests in the "child protection" industry must be relieved as an influential and persistent advocate with substantial political connection is now dead. A main threat that could potentially collapse the industry in which they earn their living has vanished.

In fact, the main threat that could destroy this industry is the corruption from within. The inhumane and barbaric act of removing children from their parents is no less infamous than slavery and state-created enforced disappearance of persons. Critics like Mrs. Schaefer, parents, advocates, academicians and even some service providers are simply a response.

What parents are up against is a huge bureaucracy supported by a syndicate comprised of influential "professionals", self-serving bureaucrats and self-aggrandizing stakeholders whose livelihood depends on state-sponsored child removals. Once combined, it forms a formidable power under a welfare banner preying on unsuspecting parents and children.

Parents have little or no representation in "child protection" law and policy making. They are not only fighting against a lopsided statute and case law but also a legal process completely in favor of the "child protection" agency. Using various delaying tactics, we have seen parents being denied a "child protection" hearing years after their children were removed. Many lost their jobs and family homes while jumping through the hoops set forth by "child protection" social workers. Such abuse of process never obliges the judiciary to return the children.

[added on 4 April 2011]

Under the cover of "child protection", this corruption is so advanced that there is no head to cut off. There may be some good service providers genuinely working to protect children. However, if one betrays the principle of the accrual of money and power, the others betray him. This explains why whistle-blowing social workers who refuse to go with the flow get fired. Politicians who speak against this corruption are sacked by their party boss. What you see is the darkest side of human weakness and perhaps the biggest scandal in the Western free and democratic world. We believe that there is structural corruption in this industry, namely, the presence of non-corrupt service providers is insufficient to stop the corruption and serve the intended purposes.

Despite what the real cause of her death is, this will not end the pursuit of truth, justice and reform in the "child protection" industry. Unsung heroes around the world will continue her cause and struggle until corruption that flourished under the pretext of "child protection" ceases to exist. History will eventually prove that Nancy's views were correct, her cause was righteous and served the best interests of her nation. Her unmatched courage and contribution in unveiling such sophisticated corruption will be recognized not only by those who have sought help from her but also those who pursue the best for their children around the world.

With our deepest condolence, we feel how weak and fruitless of any attempt to beguile the Schaefer family from the grief of a loss so overwhelming. But we cannot refrain from tendering the consolation that words can express.

Nancy will be remembered. Her departure prompts us to renew our commitment to our cause and strengthen our resolve to build a safer future for our children. We will finish her unfinished business. We are fully aware of the odds, the difficulties, the risks and the danger ahead. Nothing would deter parents from protecting their children, one of the most precious gifts from God.

In recognition of Nancy's tireless effort to rectify corruption in the child protection industry, the new lyrics of "Hero 2009" is dedicated to her.

Eulogies From Our Members

Former Senator Nancy Schaefer and advocate for families, shot dead at age 73, Friday 26 March 2010

Nancy Schaefer was a two-term Georgia State Senator who spoke tirelessly on the subject of the failings of the Child Protection System (CPS) in the United States for the past five years. She is now dead, and will be greatly missed by those of us who identified with her remarkable efforts in exposing the failures of child protection. Nancy did the job for citizens who asked her to do with no thought of reward for herself or her family, which was to help stop the suffering of families at the hands of the government.

We know little of Nancy’s personal life, which is as it should be and in the context of her quest to improve child protection. Nancy and Bruce Schaefer had a large family, leaving behind five grown children and thirteen grandchildren. Our website makes many references to Nancy Schaefer’s speeches, which can be seen by searching for her name in the Pa-Pa search box at the top menu.

Nancy helped families who turned to her for help as they told her of their terrible experiences due to inappropriate CPS involvements. As a high profile advocate for families, Nancy spoke tirelessly and consistently of the failings of CPS. Nancy’s credibility was unmatched, so watching her speak and reading transcripts of her speeches had more impact on a wider audience than parents who had been through the child protection wringer who would start websites and post videos saying the same thing.

The first video I saw of Nancy, I said to myself “wow, that lady knows how to deliver a message slamming child protection.” I emailed links to these videos to everyone I knew. See the video I first watched at Links to higher quality videos and transcripts can be found on this website.

A senator such as Nancy has powers to obtain information in order to get to the truth of matters, if such an individual is motivated to do so, and this is what Nancy did. Even as an ex-senator who lost her seat due of her fight against CPS and of her very strong views on the subject, she was still able to continue her quest to expose CPS and their methods. Nancy uncovered evidence that exposed CPS as an entity that revealed the system had more similarities to organized crime rather than a valued public service that did its job in protection children from harm. She listened to stories from affected parents and searched for indisputable proof that children of U.S. Citizens were removed from their families for financial reasons, not because there were valid reasons for the children to require protection.

Was Nancy murdered by a hit man or was this really a murder-suicide? According to the news stories, Nancy’s husband Bruce, age 74, shot her in the back while she slept, then shot himself in the head (or, the chest – that isn’t yet clear to me). The mainstream news outlets report that this was a planned murder suicide. Some people who knew the family thought that this was very unlikely, hence the theories of a government financed hit. Police found a handgun and several letters written to family members as well as a suicide note.

Nancy’s death spoken of within the context of her battle with child protection should make it clear that her fight for families was a selfless endeavor that she did not do for personal reward, but it did play a part in her death no matter what story you listen to. Another theory was that her husband saw the toll her battle against CPS was taking on her and her family, and he saw personal suffering from a different vantage point, and decided to solve the problem by shooting both his wife and himself.

Given Nancy’s active involvement in the criticism of CPS, and the extraordinary power this agency possesses, it might be understandable, and beneficial to anti-CPS activists to promote conspiracy theories stating she was murdered by a hit man in order to silence her attempts to disrupt the lucrative ecosystem responsible for billions of dollars flowing through government coffers.

Conspiracy theory and other publications surrounding Nancy Schaefer’s death:

A video interview by Alex Jones with documentary maker William Fain that debunks the conspiracy theories. After speaking to several key persons, Mr. Fain is convinced that Nancy's death is a murder-suicide, not a suicide pact.

What happens now?

Who can replace Nancy Schaefer? Will the rumor she was the subject of a hit deter other would-be activists from stepping into her shoes? This can be the effect of such a rumor, so in my opinion such untruths must be quickly labeled as such. So far, I am not seeing any evidence or stories that are convincing enough to change my mind that this death was exactly as reported, a murder suicide. Even if it was a hit man who killed Nancy and solid evidence was discovered that identified the killer(s) and their employer, would it matter in terms of striking a blow to end corruption within child protection?

We will preserve the memory of this remarkable women, Nancy Schaefer, and think of her as we carry on her work to preserve families by protecting them not only from harm from whatever sources, but also protecting them from those who would claim to be protecting children, but are causing far more harm in the process.

If there is to be any solace in the sudden shocking death of Nancy, perhaps it would be that the manner in which she died serves to create a solid and lasting image that will undoubtedly survive far longer in the memories of more people that do not know Nancy or her life views, as opposed to a gentle decline and a natural death many years from now that would spark far fewer stories.

A quote from state senator from Dalton, Don Thomas reads, “The Schaefers were a blessing to many who were privileged to know them," Butterworth said. "We are reminded that the Lord is near to the brokenhearted and as the Schaefer family mourns their loss, they can be assured that Amy and I will keep them in our prayers for many months to come."

As we look for a replacement for Nancy Schaefer, we can look to the people that she turned to in her quest for truth, ask more questions, and obtain more answers and evidence and publish the same. Nancy made time to help individual families to defend themselves against a powerful adversary, so readers of this need to do their part and to the same. Think globally, act locally.

On the Eagle Forum, the “About Nancy” web page ends with this quote:

"I am only one, but I am one.
I cannot do everything,
but I can do something;
And what I can do,
that I ought to do,
by the grace of God I shall do."

Edward Everett Hale, Former Chaplain of the United States Senate

Rest in Peace, Nancy.

Eulogy poem to Nancy Schaefer
Fighting an Oppressive Power: A Eulogy to Nancy Schaefer

The righteous and patriotic state senator upheld justice. She sought redress for the oppressed people she served.
Special interests were outraged.
She saw no regrets after being sacked and lost her senator seat.
She continued to seek rectifications and battled powerful perpetrators.
The cartel declares war.
She fought single-handedly against a formidable oppressive power at a dangerous front.
Before achieving her noble goals, she and her husband suddenly died a horrible death.
She now rests in peace in the arms of our Lord
This remarkable hero was entombed in her homeland.

Written at 5:30 p.m. 21 April 2010.


Lessons From History

When famous people suddenly die, conspiracy theories are often brought up. Deaths of the historical figures discussed herein are no exception. We are not stating, implying or suggesting that conspiracy theories surrounding these deaths are facts. Based on different opinions and rumors, these theories disagree with the official cause of death, postulate other possible, if not probable, alternative explanations and provide food for further thoughts. While some materials discussed below are historical facts, we emphasize that these theories, especially those implicated to be the true murderers, are completely speculative and unprovable given the limited public information on hand.

Adding this section does not imply that we believe in the conspiracy theory of Nancy's death (given the little information released, no one from the public could definitively arrive at a provable conclusion) or suggesting that elected officials or bureaucrats will murder critics on governments. We believe that understanding human nature, governments, history and world events are vital to our cause.

When powerful people want to get rid of someone, they have to overcome the hurdle of protecting their clout and reputation. They must do this tactfully to avoid being linked to the nasty act. Hence, special methods are used to divert attention from the instigator. Based on popular conspiracy speculations, conspiracy methods (arranged in chronological order) below could have been used by those in power to get rid of people they dislike. The motives are either:

  • the victims possess something wanted by those in power; or
  • the victims are perceived to be a credible threat to the vital interests of powerful people.

Like all sophisticated murder schemes, these methods are designed to cover up the real murderer(s) so that they can get away unnoticed and unpunished. These methods should be more appropriately named after the real murderer(s). However, the murderers in some cases discussed cannot be conclusively identified, the name of the deceased is used to label the method instead. Conspiracy methods, illustrated with examples, are categorized as follows:

  1. The Samson Method (use an attractive opposite sex to kill the victim with a honey trap)
  2. The Uriah Method (use somebody to kill the victim)
  3. The Naboth Method (fabricate incriminating evidence to convict the victim of a crime punishable by death penalty, rendering the murder legal and seemingly justified)
  4. The Jesus Method (misconstrue what the victim had said, use it to convict the victim of a crime and kill him, rendering the murder legal)
  5. The William Wallace Method (victim charged with high treason and sentenced to death after trial)
  6. The Napoleon Method (victim appears to die naturally)
  7. The Consort Zhen (珍妃) Method (victim appears to have committed suicide for a noble reason)
    example: Erwin Rommel
  8. The Nicholas II Method (victim suddenly disappears and no evidence can be traced to confirm death)
    example: victims of the Katyn massacre, the Holocaust during World War II and the Yugoslav wars (particularly Kosovo and Bosnia)
  9. The Yamamoto Method (kill the target with military might)
  10. The Marilyn Monroe Method (victim appears to be killed by drug overdose)
  11. The JFK Method (victim appears to be killed in a crime)
  12. The Princess Diana Method (victim appears to be killed in an accident)
  13. The Nancy Schaefer Method (victim appears to be killed in a murder suicide)

Please click the heading "Lessons From History" to view the entire web page.

[This page was added on 18 April 2010, last revised 23 March 2015.]