Karaoke of “Eye Of The Tiger”
[added on March 10, 2011]

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Cry Out of Anger©
started: 4:13 p.m. October 1, 2008
completed: 2:44 a.m. October 2, 2008
new lyrics written by S. Luk
music: “Eye Of The Tiger” by Jim Peterick, Frank Sullivan
made popular by Survivor
  1. Rising up, back on our feet.
    We have a mission of safety.
    People say that they are too strong to beat.
    With a zeal, we can surely survive.

  2. So many lies, they make up false stories.
    And fake a passion of good deeds.
    We just wanna strengthen family tie.
    All their crimes now get no place to hide.


In the midst of fire, we will put up a fight.
Standing up against oppression from our rival.
And the truth we present will soon come into the light.
People looking them straight in the eye .... with anger.
  1. Day by day, pray for our kids.
    Hanging tough, won’t feel sorry.
    They stack the odds but we won’t be defeated.
    For our cause is just and will fly.


  1. Aiming high, straight to the top.
    Have the guts, get the glory.
    For our children, now we’re not gonna stop.
    Friends and foes, this is no real surprise.


The cry out of anger (repeats)...




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