[added on March 10, 2011]
Our Appeal to the Canadian Chinese Community

Children are our hope and future. Families are the backbone of a nation. We firmly support genuine child protection. However, child removal does not equal child protection. Many families end up worse off, if not destroyed, after MCFD intervenes. Traditional Chinese cultural value, family bond and attitude in child upbringing are inconsistent with the beliefs and interests of service providers in the "child protection" industry, whose livelihood depends on child removals. It appears that "Positive Parenting" is a government propaganda made for cultural assimilation. We believe that it is a malignant deed carried out under the banner of a virtue. Government wants to set the values of special interests as cultural standard. This is not acceptable in a country that advocates multiculturalism.

Corruption, atrocities to families and abuse of power (including but not limited to blackmailing parents to admit child abuse in court, forcing parents to divorce, brainwashing removed children to hate their parents) in the "child protection" industry are rarely known to the public, scary and incredible, especially in a country that ardently preaches human rights. Removed children are traumatized. Some are sexually abused or killed in foster homes. Unless you personally encounter this persecution, it is difficult to fully conceive the extent of atrocity on families. We have been approached by some oppressed Chinese parents who have now supported our rectifying cause. You came to Canada to pursue a better life, not to be oppressed. Child removal authority can be used to target a person or a group of people. Allowing this authority is enmeshing yourself in a trap of your own devising. Residential school for Aboriginal children is an example to prove the foregoing. Don't fall into the same trap. Parents are vulnerable to this oppressive power. You are just an anonymous phone call from losing your children. Do you have to wait until you have loved one falls prey before you act? Regrettably, it will be too late. It is important that you make informed and wise decisions on issues that have far reaching impacts on families and children. The Chinese poem below was written by one of our Chinese members. His sentiments reflect the painful experience shared by many parents who have been persecuted by MCFD.

Roaring of the People

Social workers shamelessly alleged that they "protect" children.
God forbids the harm and atrocity they created.
These local crafty tyrants are neither righteous nor loyal.
They play god to get what they want.
Special interests are hollow and void.
Their malignant beliefs delude people and have a far reaching impact on society.
They attain private ends by abusing public position and authority.
People are enmeshed in a trap of their own devising by allowing child removal authority.
Bureaucrats and special interests in private sectors form a formidable power that no one dares to disobey.
Oppressed parents rise to unveil and denounce the corruption.
Heaven and earth weep for these unprecedented atrocities.
Unwavering resolve will defeat all evils and difficulties.
If heaven is compassionate, justice prevails.

written on September 11, 2010 A.D.