Welcome to our web site. We are certain that tactics mentioned on this page are not in your operation manual. We hope that this page will not become your informal training manual. Our assertions are factual and descriptive, not divisive. Some, or perhaps many, of you may find information contained herein objectionable. We do not intend to cast insults or accusations on your occupation or any social worker. We support all real child protection effort and want to raise public awareness to help distressed parents with children removed. We are touched by the ministry-created trauma suffered by many families, the very families that you are supposed to help. We owe our future generations a huge debt if we ignore such a serious socio-political problem and leave it for them to solve.

Frankly, we wish that the inconvenient truth we present is all wrong. Nobody in any civilized society could bear the pain of hearing thousands of children forcibly removed from their parents, traumatized, abused or even killed when they are in your “care”. Many families destroyed by child removal activity could be mended and parents be restored suitable to nurture their children again if they are given an opportunity and the appropriate assistance from you. We appreciate your mandate to protect children. Yet, be mindful that you are paid to help, not to harm families and oppress parents in need. Society expects and demands that you carry out your duties with integrity, honesty and respect to families under your scrutiny. Although many of your targets are underprivileged, they belong to a society that spawns you. Nobody can rectify this problem sooner than you. We implore you to stop destroying families by using the absolute authority and the massive public resources that society entrusts.

“If you want to test a man's character, give him power.”
(Abraham Lincoln, 1809 -1865)

Before you act, we suggest that you ask yourself whether or not you and your family would like to be on the receiving end of your “service”. We hope that you can pass this test in your own conscience.

Although we have not met an unbiased pro-family social worker before, we believe that there may be some who do not abuse their authority and are genuinely working to protect the best interests of children and their families. Should you feel that you have been unjustly criticized, we welcome your corrections, comments and inputs.

To those of you who see merits in our cause and share our concerns, we understand your difficulties to stand against the mainstream corporate culture in government service. We encourage you to uphold your belief and mitigate the damage your colleagues may have done on families and children. Do not be frustrated and quit. Good social workers are desperately needed in the Ministry.

We also welcome your information on abuse of power. Nobody knows the tricks in your trade better than you. Come forward. We respect the fact that your career and the income it brings are important to you. We guarantee confidentiality and anonymity. Thank you.