Death in foster home aired by ABC News
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Who Are "Child Protection" Social Workers?

  • they are the men and women who does "child protection" work

  • they work for your local "child protection" agency funded by tax dollars

  • they have different names like Children's Aid Society (CAS), Ministry of Children and Family Development (MCFD), Child Protective Service (CPS) or Department of Social Services (DSS)

  • they operate under a "welfare" banner and have the power to remove children from their parents

  • children's plea and tear seldom change their mind to remove them from their parents

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What Do They Do?

  • they are a special kind of police, they enforce "child protection" law

  • they don't wear uniform or carry guns

  • have an invisible weapon to remove kids from homes

  • police will help them if asked

  • nobody can stop them from removing children once they make up their mind

  • they work around the clock to remove children and are present in hospitals and day care centres

When "Child Protection" Social Worker Asks To See You

  • they may ask children questions at school or day care centre

  • many kids feel embarrassed, intimidated and humiliated when they do so

  • "child protection" social workers may ask the same question many times in different way

  • some may try to get you to say things they want

SP asking question green arrow foster home

Foster Home

  • most kids are dumped in foster homes after removal, some foster homes are dirty

  • some kids are drugged (to keep them under control), abused or even killed in foster homes

  • the girl, Ashley in the video on the right lived in foster home before, let's hear what she says

  • if you are dumped in a dirty foster homes, tell your parents when nobody is watching

To parents:

If your children are dumped in a filthy place like the one in the news footage, do NOT confront your social workers because there is nothing you can do if they ignore you. There is no point to go to their team leader or regional manager either. Don't wake sleeping dogs. Contact the media and the Representative for Children and Youth immediately by phone at 1-800-476-3933 or by e-mail at Be mindful that this will probably attract retaliation. You do so at your own risk.

Supervised Visit

  • it is the meeting with your parents when someone is watching and writing report

  • your parents are not allowed to see you elsewhere and they don't know where you live

  • the three girls in the video on the right were recorded during a supervised visit

(Move your mouse over the cartoon above.)
  • your social worker or foster parents may promise you new toys, pocket money or a nice vacation trip if you say certain things about your parents or say that you don't want to go home anymore

  • you may be told that your parents will not see you in supervised visits anymore or they have given you up

  • Can you trust someone like Cinderella's step mother?

sand play
A sand play in a MCFD paid shrink's office

When You See A Psychologist or Counselor

  • they are those who ask you questions about your family, parents and what had happened when you were at home

  • stethoscope
  • some of them call themselves doctor, but they don't carry a hearing scope (stethoscope, the thing on the left) or ask medical questions

  • they may ask you to do a sand play or draw a picture of your home, make sure that you draw your parents first before you draw a house or your brothers and sisters

To parents:

Sand play is not a valid assessment technique for a psychologist to use. It has no objective assessment aspect. Rather it is a tool that is sometimes used in play therapy, in which children can achieve some catharsis by acting out their conflicts and wishes.

"Child protection" agency has access to the deep pocket of taxpayers to buy the services of registered professionals. Some will produce inappropriate assessment reports on demand. Parents should obtain legal advice and insist on having input as to what if any professional will assess their child or children. Children should be advised that the "mature minor clause" gives them the legal right to refuse to be assessed by a physician or mental health professional, and to have their refusal respected. That's the law.

That said, like any actions that may displease "child protection" social workers, there are consequences. Be mindful of this.

Furthermore, the following was written by a parent who had experienced ministry-sought counseling:

"Forced counseling (by way of a supervision order from family court) is a tactic to divine selective information from children. In psychobabble term, children are subconsciously supposed to be revealing by using artwork, paper and colors pencils. After children are told that such drawings can be "interpreted", many became more wary. Interpretations from shrink were later translated into visitation restrictions or additional time in "care".

The primary objective is to create excuse to ignore the words of children by painting them as incompetent communicators. What they say are meaningless, unreliable and therefore irrelevant. Instead, "interpretations" from psychologist or counselor are relied upon to misconstrue what children really mean and put in reports so that a judge, ministry's lawyer or social worker could use as they see fit.

Real-life examples from kids who tell it like it is in their language is what is needed."

Do's and Don't's in Foster Home



  • Try to live a normal life the best you can. Focus in your schoolwork.
  • Eat well, get enough rest and exercise, and ask to go back to the same school immediately.
  • Insist phone access to your parents be given regularly. Most parents want to talk to their removed children very badly.
  • Start writing down what has happened each day including date, time, place and the names of the people involved. Keep this diary to yourself. Don't show this diary to anyone including other kids in the foster home.
  • Ask that your view be heard in a court of law. They will say no. But keep asking and jot the date and time you ask.
  • Call 911 and the Representative for Children and Youth immediately at 1-800-476-3933 when it is safe to do so if the following happens in foster home:
    1. you are sexually abused (like forced sexual intercourse, someone putting his birdie into your mouth, touching of a sexual nature), do NOT take a shower or wash up right after, call first;
    2. you are exposed to pornography, adults exposing their genitals to you, seducing you to have sex;
    3. you are forced to do anything (like undressing, touching yourself, say something sexual in nature) for somebody's sexual gratifi­cation;
    4. you are physically abused or punished.

    Don't worry about embarrassment or the chance that nobody will believe you.

  • Ask that your religious and linguistic rights be respected.
  • Demand that you and your siblings be placed in the care of your next of kin (such as your uncle and auntie, grandparents, ... etc.), if any, or in the same foster home. They will probably say no. Jot down who and when they say this. Keep asking. This is your right by law.
  • Remember the street address of your foster home and the surrounding landmarks.
  • If you feel that you are unsafe in foster care or need more protection, contact the Representative for Children and Youth immediately by phone at 1-800-476-3933 or by e-mail at
  • Do not harm yourself in any way. What happened is not your fault.
  • Do not turn to drugs, alcohol or any other harmful substances. They will not help.
  • Do not learn anything bad (such as swearing, smoking, drugs, drinking, casual sex) from other foster kids. They are not there to be your role model.
  • Despite how difficult it is, do not fight your social worker and foster parents. Don't get depressed or hyper. Give them a big smile if you can. Fighting and depression will give your social worker or foster parents an excuse to call a doctor and may administer psychiatric drugs on you. These drugs may have long term health effect.
  • Despite what carrot and stick thrown at you, do not say anything that is not true.
  • Don't always believe everything you are told. Like kids, adults sometimes lie too.
  • When you are told to draw a picture of your family in a counseling session, draw your parents first if you want to include them. Make sure that you don't let your counselor (or psychologist who calls him/herself doctor) take your drawing until you finish. Some of them may try to take away your picture before you draw your parents and use it as "evidence" to conclude that you hate your parents or they are no longer important in your life.
  • Do not stop calling or seeing your parents even when this routine becomes boring after a while.
  • Do not lose hope that you will one day be returned to your parents. It is very hard and may take a long time. But it is not impossible. The more you work with your parents, the better your chance.
  • Do not assume that social workers, foster parents or other foster kids will not lie or harm you. Many of them won't. But you are in a stranger's domain. Be wise, stay alert and avoid being alone with anybody.
  • Do not do anything suggestive or provocative.
Recap of What We've Learnt
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foster parents baby cries visitation worker
counselor lawyer social worker

Now you have learned a lot of new things. Are you ready to do a quiz? If yes, click the red "Quiz" button below.


If this is your first time dealing with service providers in the "child protection" industry, you probably think that we are exaggerating or lying. We don't blame you because none of us believe that it is so bad until we saw it with our own eyes. Frankly, we hope that we are all wrong because nobody likes to live in a place with such a horrible thing haunting us. We share our experience so that you don't learn it the hard way.

The news footage on the right suggests that there are thugs out there taking advantage of children when they are most vulnerable. Being in "care" does not mean that you are 100% safe. Terrible things could happen. Your parents won't be there to protect you. Hope for the best, prepare for the worst and defend yourself the best you can. Good luck.

To parents:

In most English-speaking nations whose government has the power to remove children from their parents, "child protection" is a well established industry hijacked by a very sophisticated conglomerate perverted by special interests. Few people know its true nature because it only affects a very small percentage of the population. The root problem is the near absolute statutory authority to remove children from their parents. Corruption in this industry has a huge impact on families and society. Public resources are wasted to feed a system that worsens the very problem that it was created to solve.

This may sound absurd and inconceivable. In addition to testimonies from oppressed parents and removed children, retired judges, academicians, politicians, social workers, psychologists and medical doctors had spoken on the corruption, flaws and fallacy in the "child protection" industry. Power and money corrupt absolutely. Follow where the tax dollars go and you will solve the puzzle. The relevant question is not whether such corruption exists, but why nobody cares to rectify it given so much irrefutable evidence. This problem will continue to haunt the nation long after your case is over. For now, stay focus to prevent your children from being removed or to get them back.

It is imperative that you and your children understand the tactics often used by service providers in this industry and make informed decisions at the onset. The tactics linked herein are written in a Canadian setting (in British Columbia to be more precise). To those who live outside British Columbia, many of these tactics are still relevant. Whether they are done by people like Adolf Hitler or Saddam Hussein, atrocities against humanity are often driven by quest of power and money using the most despicable means that human minds can think of.

To shed more light on this industry, we publish the following comments received from a British Columbian mother in December 2009:

"I was looking at just about everything on your website and was amazed yet not surprised at a lot of what I read. Amazed that I finally found people who look relatively normal who have nightmare stories like mine to tell about MCFD. Not surprised because sadly I can relate to just about everything I read.

I was amazed to see that MCFD is involved in surveillance because I believed this was happening to me yet when I tried to do something about it I was rebuked by family and friends as being crazy and the law did nothing to protect me from this surveillance.

Pictures were being taken, I believed I was being audio taped but this all fed into their reasons for apprehending my children. I was diagnosed (after their involvement) with a delusional disorder. Prior to this diagnosis, I did not think or feel I was being watched. I always thought being poor and on welfare, I was too unremarkable and unimportant for anyone to consider doing this to me.

My children and I were both drugged as I was making quite a fuss about human rights issues and children rights and come to think of it, it was after these activities that I had these surveillance suspicions.

I never thought of that until now."

If they start to scrutinize you, your nightmare begins. Watch this video.

You are caught in a witch hunt. Unsparing service providers have the power to select who need their "services", what "services" and how much are needed. They also define the quality of their "services" rendered and suppress those who dare to speak against them.

Such activities degrade man to the level of brutes and insult the highest qualities of human nature. State-sponsored child removals are oppressive, inhumane and barbaric. No civilized nation, especially free and democratic nation, should allow this to exist.

Parents with children under 19 are just one anonymous phone call away from having your children removed. This could completely destroyed your family. Contrary to what politicians and bureaucrats would like you to believe, some child removal decisions are made lightly without any good evidence of abuse. In some cases, children are removed because of malice and retaliation. "Child protection" social workers could get away with this unpunished. Do not underestimate their destructive power at the tactical level. They have tremendous power over parents. They will use it unsparingly and sleep well at night.

This video was made to depict the same problem in the U.S.A. Note that some children killed in foster "care" are Canadians. The famous Sherry Charlie is there.

If you are still not convinced that children were killed in foster homes, browse the web site below. It documents each case supported by a link to the source covering the incident. Some children documented were killed in Canada.

Part 1 of Nancy Schaefer's speech
in World Congress on Families V in Amsterdam

Please click here to view Part 2
Please click here to view this footage
in Eagle Forum of Georgia site.

What you are up against is a huge bureaucracy supported by a syndicate comprises of influential "professionals", bureaucrats and self-serving stakeholders whose livelihood depends on state-sponsored child removals. Once combined, it forms a very formidable power under a welfare banner preying on unsuspecting parents and children.

Furthermore, you are not only fighting against a lopsided law but also a legal process completely in favour of the "child protection" agency. Using various delaying tactics, we have seen parents being denied a "child protection" hearing years after their children were removed. Such abuse of process never obliges the judiciary to return the children.

Under the pretext of "child protection", this corruption is so advanced that there is no head to cut off. There may be some good service providers genuinely working to protect children. However, if one betrays the principle of the accrual of money and power, the others betray him. That's why you see whistle-blowing social workers who refused to go with the flow got fired. Politicians who speak against this corruption were sacked by their party boss. What you see is the darkest side of human weakness and perhaps the biggest scandal in the Western free and democratic world.


[This page was added on 6 December 2009.]