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MCFD and the Psychotherapy Industry

Opinions from a Dissident Practitioner

Dr. Tana Dineen is a former licensed psychologist in Ontario and British Columbia who spoke very critically of her own profession. In her speech to the Vancouver Family Law Sections of the Canadian Bar Association on the topic "Psychologists and Section 15 (Custody Evaluation) Reports: Illusions of Expertise, Ethics and Objectivity" (6 May 1998), simply stated that:

  1. psychology is an industry masquerading as a profession,
  2. this industry is aggressively targeting the judicial and legal systems as growth markets for its services.
  3. the current business formula of this industry is:


  4. trusting psychologists is so dangerous to the Justice System that judicial skepticism is not only warranted but urgently needed!

She further stated:

"Psychologists generally consider themselves to be experts in each and every aspect of life, for as George Albee, a past president of American Psychological Association (APA) put it: "our social problems are all human problems, and we (psychologists) are the experts on this." Resonating this view and embellishing it, Frank Farley a recent president of the APA wrote that psychology "may be in the process of re-inventing itself as the primary discipline in the solution of humanity's major problems... Psychology can do much to improve the world."

"Like most industries, it is focused on:

  • protecting its own interests by creating licenses and monopolies;
  • expanding its market by developing new areas of service;
  • increasing its influence by entering courts and lobbying governments."

Incidentally, her views echo that of the Scottish psychiatrist Dr. Ronald David Laing (7 October 1927 23 August 1989) who wrote in his book "The Politics of Experience and the Bird of Paradise" (1967):

"We are effectively destroying ourselves with violence masquerading as love"

Dr. Liang was critical in his own profession psychiatry. He challenged psychiatric diagnosis for contradicting accepted medical procedure. Diagnosis is made on the basis of behavior or conduct. Examination and ancillary tests, if ever done at all, that traditionally precede the diagnosis of viable pathologies occurred after the diagnosis of mental disorder. Hence, according to Dr. Laing, psychiatry was founded on a false epistemology: illness diagnosed by conduct, but treated biologically.

The presence of people like Dr. Tana Dineen and Dr. Ronald Laing suggests that:

  1. In every community, even among special interests, there are honest people with a good conscience to speak the truth.
  2. The fate of these honest people, if they blow the whistle and jeopardize the interests of the cartel, are predictably miserable. Their views are often, if not always, labeled as biased, radical, unreliable or wrong. They are denounced and rejected by their peers to protect the industry. They will most likely become an outcast in their governing body and be detested by those whose interests they challenge.
  3. The presence of these honest service providers is insufficient to rectify the corruption (by definition rendering it structural) in the "child protection" business.

[This page was conceptualized on 20 April 2011, published on 4 July 2012, last revised 24 March 2015, accessible to the public on 14 October 2013.]