March 5, 2009 Fairchild TV news English transcript


A couple, parents of 3 young children, went to Premier Campbellís constituency office in Vancouver to submit their petition. They seek help from the Premier to bring their children home. Lam Wai Sum reporting.

Reporter: In todayís petition, the Bayne pointed out that their new born daughter received a head injury in September 2007 and needed medical treatment. Ministry of Children and Family Development (MCFD) determined that the infant is a Shaken Baby Syndrome victim. Parents are suspected of child abuse. The infant and her two older brothers were removed by MCFD in October 2007.
Zabeth: We have 9 doctorís reports we submitted that they are willing to stick their reputation. They are experts from all over the world, specialties. They are willing to come to court to testify that we are innocent and that thereís been a misdiagnosis. If that is not enough, we have another 19 more.
Reporter: The father indicated that their children are very unhappy in foster homes.
Paul: They (his children) are mad. They are confused. They donít understand why we werenít there to protect them from the quoted and unquoted big bad people as they put it. And we are hopeless and powerless.
Reporter: They want to get their children back in the legal process. But there has been a lengthy delay in their hearing. Therefore, they are seeking help from the Premier. MCFD stated that this case is now before court and because of privacy reason, they cannot comment on this case. Fairchild TV Lam Wai Sum reporting.



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